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W.A.S.A. Wireless becomes sole Swedish distributor of Jessica Simpson fitness portfolio.

As of November 11, W.A.S.A. Wireless is the official distributor of exercise products under the Jessica Simpson label. As the first and only distributor of these products on the Swedish market, W.A.S.A. will be able to offer customers water bottles, exercise equipment, and accessories from the widely popular brand’s fitness category. Jessica Simpson herself has inspired millions of people through her own journey toward personal wellness, and this spirit fuels the brand. For sales inquiries, please contact 

Be Inspired - Look Good - Feel Better

Jessica Simpson’s Fitness Accessories Make Exercise Fun

Have you ever struggled to get to the gym? And when you finally get off the couch, you grab some dull weights or a sad single-use water bottle and feel even less excited about working out? You’re not alone! Even Jessica Simpson - super celebrity and successful fashion mogul - has struggled to look after her health and her body. But now, with an exciting line of fitness products and accessories, she has turned her life around - and it’s easy for you to do the same!

 With Jessica Simpson fitness accessories, everyone can feel inspired and have fun working out. Attractive, trendy exercise products that are easy to mix and match in both colors and patterns add a fun, fashionable feel to any exercise regime. This collection has it all, helping customers train, track, rehydrate and recover in personal peak performance. Thoughtful and exclusive packaging designs allow inviting store planograms, well suited to be presented together as a unit or spread out across departments. Check out water bottles, yoga products, smart phone accessories, and more!

Jessica Simpson Fitness

Reach Your Fitness Goals in Style

Stylish, convenient exercise gear in the season’s trendiest colors make exercise  fun - and help you look good while doing it! Easily increase resistance and weights as you get stronger without losing the look - or conquer all your goals at once with carefully curated fitness kits. The power is all yours. 

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Jessica Simpson Massage

For Ultimate Muscle Recovery

No matter how much you train, you’ll get nowhere if you don’t also let your body recover. Jessica Simpson recovery kits and massage guns offer strong, soothing relief, letting you target individual muscles or soften your entire body with easy-to-use, lightweight equipment in your favorite colors and patterns. 

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Jessica Simpson Smartphone Accessories

Keep track of your progress

You go nowhere without your smartphone - especially if you’re trying to boost your workout to the next level. With these smartphone accessories, you can easily bring your workout apps to track your progress as well as favorite music to put a smile on your face and really get your heart pumping. Secure grips and convenient pockets mean you have everything you need wherever you go. 

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Jessica Simpson Walking Accessories

A Step in the Right Direction

Step up your game by turning every move into a fitness challenge, with these cute and versatile accessories. Smooth and comfortable weights for your ankles and wrists increase resistance and turbo charge your muscle tone, giving you bigger results from any activity, while waist packs and phone holders offer you a full range of motion every step of the way. Jessica Simpson herself has made walking 12,000 steps a part of her daily ritual. The routine may seem like a small change, but it helps burn fat, tone muscles, and has been linked to lifelong general health. With these accessories, you are ready to turn a small change into something big.

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Jessica Simpson WaTER BOTTLES

Staying Hydrated Never Looked So Good

Everyone knows it’s important to drink water, not just while exercising but every day. Make it easier to remember and more fun by carrying a colorful, reusable bottle with you everywhere you go. Choose from steel, aluminum, or glass material and pick your favorite color or pattern - why not match your water bottle to your outfit of the day? Sustainable for the environment, while sustaining you. 

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Jessica Simpson YOGA

Sometimes Inner Peace Needs Outer Support

When life gets a little hectic, our workout programs need to do double duty for both body and mind. Find your balance with easily matchable Jessica Simpson yoga mats, high-quality cork yoga wheels and yoga balls, as well as other accessories to keep you on the mat and help you on your way to namaste.

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W.A.S.A. Wireless is the first and sole distributor of this line of products on the Swedish market. For sales inquiries, please contact

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