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About us


W.A.S.A. Wireless is the distributor that provides you the greatest accessories, electronics and home products available.

Being in the business for more than 30 years has given us the expertise to support our high standards while remaining adaptable enough to continually be at the forefront of demand and product development.

Despite having our headquarters in Sweden, we have always considered the entire world to be our office, with partners, customers, and work teams located all over the world. We reduce wastage and intermediaries through product delivery directly to you and by careful management of shipping and product demand. These narrow margins allow us to provide reduced pricing without lowering the quality of our products.

Think Big and Keep It Simple

This is the mantra we live by throughout our entire business. Everything we do, from product selection and supply chains to operational procedures and shop design, is guided by this idea. With transparent, adaptable work systems and delivery, we dare to have bold dreams and accomplish our objectives. In the long run, this means that you obtain a high-quality product at the most affordable price while your customers know that yours are the stores they want to keep coming back to.

Global Standards - All in Swedish

Customers in retail today are overloaded with items and offers, and it is all too easy to get lost in the clutter. Our brands are created to stand out in the crowd, because we know what works.

While packaging and product descriptions are made to be easily seen, understood, and recognized, the products offer customers the solutions they desire. The entire world is now accessible, but the customer’s local needs must still be met.

The immaculate Swedish brands of W.A.S.A. Wireless stand for worldwide standards in a sea of automated translations and frivolous goods. By thinking big and keeping it simple, we hand pick products that suit many, but which still feel completely unique. We bring the entire globe to you as it grows closer.

Our Vision

Think big, keep it simple. To develop and enrich brands by building reliable partnerships with the most innovative retailers of smart accessories and indispensable lifestyle products to cater to retailers’ and end-consumers’ needs both locally and globally.

Our Mission

  • To provide retail & online stores with unique, valuable and reliable product categories from the best manufacturers in the world.
  • We cut our costs at every turn for optimal value, giving our customers the margins needed to stand out in a competitive market.

Our Team

W.A.S.A. Wireless functions at peak capacity thanks to an amazing team. This streamlined group works across the globe to bring superb products to a local market, led by Sweden-based CEO, Annbritt Lindberg. Our expanded marketing team in the Philippines ensures thoughtful design from start to finish, responsible for everything from product packaging design conceptualization to packaging printing implementation and visual communication. By dedicating an operations manager to our global logistics, we can secure an optimized process, from initial production to final distribution.

Our Location

Head Office: Sundsvall, Sweden
Office: Stony Brook, NY 11733, USA

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