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About Us

Throughout our 30-years of sales experience in the market, together with our business partners along with their range of innovative products, we are able to continuously deliver premium products worldwide. In addition to working with an international team of retailers and distributors, we have acquired a vast range of key sources on market performances as well as the benefit of tagging onto international production. 

Our top priority is to help clients save more by keeping prices to a minimum by cutting out unnecessary mark-ups or surcharges on products offered to retailers  and consumers, simply focusing on giving the BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS at their BEST PRICES.

We take pride in taking the stress out of those multiple options of manufacturers across such a broad range of categories by sourcing the product especially for you; With our continuously developing process, we strive to have the eye for the fastest-selling line of goods for any retailers who share equal hopes and dreams with us, made even more possible by shipping products directly to your preferred destination through the biggest names in the shipping industry.

Let us help each other all through out such trying times by keeping the intention to minimize the global impact of the roaring pandemic. We are committed to reduce the spread by encouraging clients and partners to arrange meeting through digital channels such as Zoom, Skype or Webinars.