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360° Desk Light 8"

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WA2319 360° Desklight

Our flexible ring light with tripod and mobile holder is the perfect lighting solution for your photography and video needs. With a combination of a sturdy tripod, a remote control on the cord, and adjustable lighting options, this ring light gives you full control over your lighting and easy handling of your smartphone.

The tripod is made of high-quality material and has a stable design that ensures the ring light stands firmly and securely during use.

The ring light itself has three different light levels to choose from: warm, cool, and daylight. These lighting options allow you to adjust the lighting to suit your environment and create the perfect atmosphere for your photos or videos. Additionally, the light can be dimmed to give you even more control over the brightness and create the desired lighting conditions.

The remote control, located on the cord, makes it easy to adjust the light without having to change your position or disrupt your recording. You can smoothly switch between light levels and adjust the dimmer level using the remote control. This gives you the freedom to experiment and find the perfect lighting for every occasion.

The integrated mobile holder is designed to fit most smartphones. It securely holds your phone in place, making it easy to film, take photos, or participate in video conferences while using the ring light. The mobile holder is adjustable and can be rotated to give you the perfect angle and position for your phone.

In summary, our flexible ring light with tripod and mobile holder offers a complete lighting solution for your photography and video needs. With adjustable light levels, dimming function, and a convenient remote control, it gives you full control over your lighting. The sturdy tripod stand and compatible mobile holder make it easy to use your smartphone while getting professional and optimal lighting.

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 20W 
  • Color Temperature: 3200K-6000K 
  • Light color: 3 Light colors 
  • Dimension: 26 cm 
  • LED Bulb: 120pcs 
  • Modes: Warm Light, Cool White, Daylight 
  • Material: ABS+PC 
  • Lighting: 1600 LUX/M2


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