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PowerPal® LUMI Series

An experience beyond anything you’ve seen

PowerPal® LUMI Series

Lumi Serie, a category of lighting products that brings innovation, vibrancy, and immersive experiences to your living spaces. Designed to elevate your ambiance and create captivating visual displays, the Lumi Series offers a range of cutting-edge LED lights with smart app control, music synchronization, and atmospheric lighting effects. The Lumi Series represents a commitment to innovation, quality, and versatility. Each product is thoughtfully designed to enhance your living spaces, whether it's through dynamic lighting effects, music synchronization, or creating a mesmerizing night sky experience. With smart app control, intuitive features, and cutting-edge technology, the Lumi Serie offers an immersive and personalized lighting solution for every individual and occasion.

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Immersive Gaming and Entertainment

The Lumi Serie embraces the latest trends in LED lighting to create immersive experiences for gaming and entertainment.

Dynamic Lighting Effects

Keep pace with the demand for dynamic lighting effects. Lumi Serie offers a wide range of effects, including pulsating, strobing, and gradient transitions, to elevate your gaming and entertainment sessions.

Music Synchronization

Stay on-trend with music-sync capabilities. Lumi Serie syncs with your music, enhancing your audio-visual experience by pulsating and changing colors in rhythm with
the beat.

Smart App Control

Keep up with the convenience of smart technology. Lumi Serie can be controlled via a smartphone app, allowing you to adjust lighting settings, colors, and effects with ease.

Voice Control Integration

Stay at the cutting edge by integrating voice control. Lumi Serie supports voice commands through popular virtual assistants, making it even easier to manage your atmospheric lighting.

Ambiance Presets

Lumi Serie includes presets tailored for gaming and entertainment, ensuring that you can quickly set the perfect mood for your activities.

Energy Efficiency

Despite the dazzling effects, Lumi Serie remains energy-efficient, aligning with the growing trend of eco-conscious lighting solutions.


With our Smart Projector, you create your own atmosphere, depending on the moment you want to create. Lumi Nova is an affordable investment that you easily control with a remote control or manually set to illuminate space there. Change colors and brightness according to mood for an exciting, soothing, or just fun time! See more info.

499 kr


Illuminate your world with the LUMI Bar LED Lamp, a captivating lighting solution that brings versatility and style to any occasion. With its extensive color options, adjustable light levels, and convenient remote control, this lamp is perfect for transforming your living room, gaming den, or bedroom into a captivating and personalized space. Experience the power of atmospheric lighting with the LUMI Bar LED Lamp and discover a new level of ambiance and immersion in your surroundings. See more info.

179 kr

LUMI Bar Pro

Introducing the Tuya Smart LED Lightning 2-Pack, the ultimate lighting solution that combines stunning brightness, vibrant colors, and intelligent features for an immersive lighting experience. With these light bars, you can effortlessly transform any space into a mesmerizing visual spectacle. See more info.

899 kr

Sound to Light

Sound to Light helps you create the right mood with multicolored lights that follow the sound of the room and creates an enveloping experience far beyond what ordinary light loops can perform. It's easy to attach the loop behind the TV screen, in cool patterns on walls and furnishings, or around the computer screen for a new level of gaming. Synchronize with music, video games or movies to transform your room into a cozy corner, party room, or a completely different world! See more info.

199 kr

LUMI Rainbow Sound

The new generation LED Strip .. A completely new experience to create with sound and light. Lighting with several colors at the same time. The microphone picks up sound and translates to light without delay. Attach the strip to a wall above the computer, TV, in the gaming room, in the kitchen, conservatory or laundry room. Together with a bluetooth speaker, the mood you want is created and you control the colors with the App or remote control. See more info.

449 kr


Smart LED strips for decoration and mood lighting. Attach under the cornice, under the bed, below the kitchen cabinet or bookshelf. Cut the desired length, there is a clear marking where you can cut the strip. Built-in sensitive microphone synchronizes between sound and light. Control color and light with voice, app or remote control. The microphone also picks up external sound from speakers. Smart responsive lighting where you want it. See more info.

449 kr


The ultimate RGB colorful sound-sensitive music atmosphere lights that will elevate your entertainment experience to new heights. With its advanced features and captivating lighting effects, these twin bars will turn any room into a pulsating dance floor or a soothing visual paradise. Built-in high-sensitive microphone, the Lumi Twin Bar responds to sound and music in real-time, creating a mesmerizing light show that synchronizes with the rhythm. Watch as the 40 pcs LED IC come alive, pulsating and changing colors in perfect harmony with the audio, amplifying the energy of your favorite songs and immersing you in a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. See more info.

349 kr

"With LUMI in the PowerPal category, we can now offer an unbeatable, complete collection, truly inspiring customers to dream about the possibilities they can unlock at home with the help of PowerPal products."

"With Lumi in the PowerPal category, we can now offer an unbeatable, complete collection, truly inspiring customers to dream about the possibilities they can unlock at home with the help of PowerPal products."

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