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Meet the Founder

A small business relies on its founder's vision, and this becomes clear when looking at W.A.S.A. Wireless’s operations through the years. Started over 5 years ago by Annbritt Lindberg, after decades of working with the largest global brands for electronics and telecommunications, W.A.S.A. rests upon the principles of her work ethic and dedication to her buyers.

Before starting W.A.S.A. Wireless, Annbritt Lindberg handled the accounts of some of the largest buyers on the global market. She sold the luxury brand White Diamonds to over 4,000 AT&T stores across the United States, as well as to industry giants Staples and Verizon Wireless. She was responsible for OEM production for Sony Mobile Europe and provided all of the handsfree phone systems to the Swedish National Police Board and the Swedish government offices.

“I am so deeply grateful to have been able to join and get to know all these experienced people, with specific knowledge and passion for the entire chain from manufacturing to the retail stage.” 
- Annbritt Lindberg, W.A.S.A CEO

But with all of this success, Annbritt wanted something more, a desire to bring these high quality products and this level of service to Scandinavian consumers.

With a profound understanding of the market and the ability to keep her finger on the pulse of consumers thanks to a widespread global network, Annbritt knew she’d be able to bring the most sought-after products to Scandinavia. However, in order to keep costs down and maintain control of the process, she’d have to eliminate the middleman and do it herself. And so W.A.S.A. Wireless was born.

“Thanks to my network, I have been able to acquire products of the highest quality at competitive prices, retain full control over packaging with all information in Swedish for Swedish consumers, and create brands with products that customers want – and that they will soon want even more.”– Annbritt Lindberg, WASA CEO

Think BIG - Keep It Simple

The idea was a success. Steadily increasing sales, solid relationships with buyers, and a reputation for putting out fires if they ever appeared (going so far as to contact individual consumers to fix issues) put W.A.S.A. solidly in the Swedish market on an upward trajectory.

Until the pandemic hit. Worldwide shortages, supply chain issues, and shipments delayed for weeks meant that suppliers were cut off at the ankles. As a smaller supplier compared to the global giants, W.A.S.A.’s needs were often sidelined in favor of those of massive conglomerates.

"That was an incredibly frustrating time. We had to come up with unorthodox solutions, think outside the box and sometimes physically go to pick up products or find solutions in the drop shipping chain. This was also when I realized we needed our own inventory, so that we could guarantee delivery to our buyers.”

For each global hiccup, Annbritt has found a solution and a new way forward for W.A.S.A. Remaining a smaller, local supplier means the company can be more nimble, quicker to act, and easy to reach. Annbritt credits her own stubbornness and the elite competency of her team for their enduring success. She refuses to give up: if she has promised her buyer a product, then she and the team will make sure they get it.

“At the end of the day, if my buyer is happy, then it’s worth all the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get there.”

Building and maintaining close relationships with buyers is, indeed, a foundation on which W.A.S.A. stands. Being a smaller, more flexible supplier means W.A.S.A. can accommodate quick shifts in the market.

"Every time I hear from a buyer that a product I really believed in is doing well or they’re excited about a product, it warms my heart, to this day. We’ve even received notes from consumers about the products how much they love them, and it’s a wonderful feeling. Knowing that we brought this product every step of the way, selecting the right products for the market, of high quality and at great prices, that we created the packaging specifically for a Swedish audience, and that it’s all appreciated by the consumer, that’s fantastic. That’s why we do this, for them.”

W.A.S.A Wireless in Numbers


years experience in Telecom market as a Sales representative, Key Account and Sales Director


owned brands through W.A.S.A. Wireless


products under the three W.A.S.A Wireless brand


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And personal for Annbritt - 2 grandkids born

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