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Cajsa Landin - September 9 2021

W.A.S.A launches new product categories
- and a blog!

As autumn arrives in Sweden, we find it a good time to take stock of our journey and how we can keep WASA Wireless at its best. As part of our ongoing commitment to serving ourclients and sharing our expertise, we have decided to start this blog project. The blog will help us keep you informed of the latest trends and current news and will be our tool to communicate with you exciting changes in WASA endeavors and product categories.

The pandemic of the last year and a half has certainly thrown things around - but nothing has stopped here at WASA. Demand is up on products that help people live better lives in their homes and in a digital world, and we are actively selecting and fine tuning product categories to fit these evolving times. We are excited to introduce you to our latest brands, PowerPal and AirTime.


When everything happens at home, make sure your home is where everything can happen

Now, more than ever, we are spending a lot of time in our homes. This means that every room must fill several functions throughout the week. Customers want to be able to change their minds on decorations, family members want to customize different rooms according to their personalities and needs - and everyone wants to have a little fun doing it! For this purpose, we have put together the PowerPal brand. PowerPal helps customers tailor the look of their homes with exciting lighting designs and useful electronic products to let them live their best lives at home.

With the latest technology and an eye for design, the brand provides products that are a step above the norm: selling not just regular nightlights, but 3-dimensional LED lights of all shapes; not just modern light tiles, but app controlled lighting designs in trendy colors and fun patterns. The product line further includes spa and training aids for the ultimate in well-being, as well as cute and useful cord protectors, priced and packaged to easily end up in the shopping cart. The goal is to spark the user's curiosity and encourage them to explore limitless options and adapt their lighting to their unique style, creating a home that is just right for them.

AirTime Studio Gives you [ to ] the world

The beauty of the internet is that it made the world available to everyone. Anyone can now be a creator and showcase their talents and ideas to the world. Because of this, and with the rise in remote work and connection, demands on digital competence and availability of professional grade communications tools are higher than ever. This is where AirTime Studio shines.

AirTime Studio is at the absolute forefront of new trends and current demands in digital equipment, with accessible and affordable products for anyone's home office or recording studio. The brand is based in the fact that digital communication tools and video equipment development have come so far that the hardware no longer has to be expensive to maintain a high professional standard. Expert lighting for recording content and video calls, phone mounts for conferences and talks, microphones for crystal clear sound are all part of the product line, at the highest quality and a price point that suits a large customer base.


Our global team for your local market

Here at WASA Wireless, our motto has long been think big and keep it simple. With our vast network and decades of experience, we know how to keep our ambitions grand and our focus clear. Our company is based in a beautiful Swedish town, which helps us keep our finger on the pulse of Swedish customers and the types of products they're looking to buy. (You can read more about us here.) But we also have team members and advisors around the world. We collaborate with an expert team of designers and developers in the Philippines and maintain long-lasting relationships with suppliers in China (and xx?) and mentors in the United States.

As a copywriter at WASA Wireless and the content creator of this blog, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself, and my place in this global-meets-local organization. My name is Cajsa Landin, and I hail from a small town in Sweden, but have lived the last 15 years in New York, where I work in content creation, all manner of copywriting, and translation.

I hope to be able to contribute a global perspective to the WASA blog, while maintaining that local knowledge of the Swedish mentality and values. We are excited to share more of our knowledge, ideas, and work on this platform and look forward to hearing about anything that connects with you. Happy reading

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