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149 kr
SKU WA2313
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This sturdy, solid tripod stands its ground where you need it

2-in-1 Phone/Camera/GoPro flexible mini tripod with Bluetooth Remote Shutter or as a Tablet Stand. Its versatility can keep precise positioning on various surfaces or orientations. Good for shooting perfect pictures and exciting videos.

  • 2-in-1 Phone/Camera/GoPro Tripod-Tablet stand
  • Bluetooth remote control for easier capture of photos/video at a distance 
  • Made of durable metal and carbon fiber 
  • With universal 1/4-20 screw that fit most cameras and a 2.25-3.75 inch phone holder

Technical Specifications

  • Color: Black 
  • Tripod material: Carbon fiber, durable metal head 
  • Length: 18.5cm 
  • Universal clip fi ts 2.25-3.75cm smartphones
  • Weight: 58gr
  • Camera screw included: universal 1/4-20 size that fits most cameras
  • Wireless remote shutter for ease and convenience in shooting or filming"

Download PDF Information for Retailers | Download Instruction Manual