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ProVibe MAX - Massage gun

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Powerful adjustable massage gun with heat/cold, in storage bag.

ProVibe MAX massage gun with deep massage functions at different speeds that softens tense muscles and tired joints. It combines vibration therapy with temperature therapy to provide a comprehensive massage experience.

The massage arm can be angled in 3 positions for best precision with an adapted grip. 

The included massage accessories include 7 different heads, such as ball, flat, cone-shaped, absorber, and fork-shaped, but also 2 heads for heat and cold.

These different heads can be swapped and provide different types of massage experiences.


Flat : Massage large muscle groups such as the back and thighs.
Ball : Perfect for larger areas. Good for the beginner
Cone-shaped: A cartridge-shaped nozzle adapted for the treatment of fibroids and trigger points.
Absorber: For soft tissue
Fork: To work around specific muscle groups.
Heat: 45-55 ° C. Used to relieve muscle tension and increase blood flow in the muscles. When the head warms up, it helps to increase the body's circulation, which can help reduce inflammation and increase flexibility in muscles. This can be especially effective for people with muscle aches and stiffness.
Cooling: 10+-5°C.  Applied to reduce inflammation and pain in the body. When the head cools down, it helps reduce swelling and increase the body's natural healing process. This is especially effective for people with injuries, such as muscle strains and joint inflammation.


Charging: Type C 

Charging time: 3-4 hours

Usage time: 3-4 Hours depending on speed/pressure

Speed: 1800-3200RPM

Maximum pressure: 13kg

Amplitude: 10MM

Intensity: 6 levels

Battery capacity: 11.1V/2000mAh/22.2wh

Material: ABS+PC

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