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Cajsa Landin december 2021

5 tips on making a standout video

With Air Time Studios

These days, anyone can create a home studio on their own, to make TikTok videos, business presentations, or just fun family pictures. Long gone are the days when you had to have large, expensive studio equipment and a professional photographer on hand. With just a few affordable tools and a couple of easy tricks up your sleeve, you can make professional level videos in your own home. We’ve gathered 5 easy tips on how to make standout videos below. 

1. Stabilize your camera. You may think you have a steady hand and can hold your phone to film something, but the truth is we are all quite shaky - watching an unintentionally shaky video is very difficult for a viewer and will make them swipe to the next video in a heartbeat. Use a tripod stand for regular filming - or bring the Flexiview with you anytime you need to set up a phone holder in a weird or cramped spot. Now you don’t have to make a shaky video just because you are in the car or sitting in a tree!

2. Great lighting is key. Want to look brighter?
Erase flaws and unflattering shadows? Even, soft lighting all around your face ensures that you look your best from every angle, and that your viewers can really see you. Use a ring light for complete lighting all around your face, no matter the lighting of the room or from outside sources. Ring lights also bring out the brightness in your eyes, which is something we as humans cannot help but connect with. 

3.Use the golden ratio (or rule of thirds) or dynamic images. Imagine your image divided into thirds in both directions. Then, try to avoid placing the focus of the image in the middle section, instead putting them in any of the outer quadrants - and particularly at the intersections of the grid you have imagined. This asymmetrical balance creates a more visually interesting scene that will draw the viewer in.  

4. Don’t forget about sound.. It’s easy to think that your regular phone mic will suffice, but to really elevate your video and create content that people will stick around to watch, the sound needs to be better than just regular. A good microphone - like this one - will reduce ambient noise around you as well as your mouth sounds, crystallizing the important sound of your voice and making your message carry. Place the microphone slightly below you and out of view of the camera - an all-in-one carrier like 360° Media Pro will let you both film and record sound with one easy tool. 

5. Make it easy for yourself. The whole point of vlogging or sharing videos on social media in general is that it should be fun, and consistent. If you are burdened by complicated equipment, an inflexible setup, or poor quality content, you will not want to keep it up, which will restrict you from getting all those viewers and feedback. For this reason, the most important rule to remember is to make it easy for you. Get a vlogging kit that easily packs up and travels with you while still giving you the basics of light, sound, and stability. If you’re looking to set up a proper home studio, invest in larger floor-standing tripod or even a tracking holder so that you can walk around in full confidence, knowing that the camera will find you. 

The bottom line is, if you are having fun, your viewers are having fun. If you have your setup in order, with great lighting, balanced images, and crystal clear sound, both you and your audience will be able to focus on what really matters - the message you are there to share.

Don’t hold back - the world is ready for you. 

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