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Hand Sanitizer Premium Dispenser Station Stand With acrylic sanitizer holder

990 kr
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This premium feels floor standing hand sanitizer dispenser stand features a durable aluminium pole with slots, a wide & stable base and an A4 snap frame. Thanks to its slot structure on a pole, you can adjust the height of the dispenser freely for different locations such as shops, school, hospitals or any other establishment.  Make hand-hygiene a breeze using this hand sanitizing station stand. 


1. With holders for wall mounted type or bottle type hand sanitizers.
2. Height 150cm.
3. With front-loading A4 snap frame for promotional or informational purposes.
4. Black or white colour stand. (Black or silver frame)
5. Freestanding ideal for use in any busy and high-traffic areas.


990,00 SEK Ex VAT, Landed Sweden