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Lumi Nova - Nightsky

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Introducing the Lumi Nova Night Sky Projector, a versatile device that combines a mesmerizing starry sky projection with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Immerse yourself in a celestial experience and create your own enchanting atmosphere, perfect for relaxation, meditation, or setting the mood for any occasion.

The Lumi Nova Night Sky Projector allows you to transform any room into a heavenly oasis. With its advanced LED technology, the projector casts a stunning galaxy of stars onto your walls or ceiling, creating a captivating visual display that transports you to the vastness of the night sky. Gaze in awe as the stars twinkle and dance, bringing a sense of tranquility and wonder to your surroundings.

Built-in bluetooth speaker: But the Lumi Nova is not just about visuals. It also features a built-in Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to enhance your celestial experience with your favorite music or soothing sounds. Connect your device wirelessly to the projector and let the music fill the room as the stars shimmer above. Whether you want to relax with calming melodies or energize your space with upbeat tunes, the Lumi Nova's Bluetooth speaker adds a whole new dimension to your atmospheric creation.

Remote Control: With the included Bluetooth remote control, you have full control over the Lumi Nova's RGB colors and brightness. 

10 colors: Choose from 10 vibrant colors to suit your mood or match the moment you want to create. From peaceful blues to romantic purples, you can set the perfect ambiance to suit any occasion.

3 brightness levels:  Additionally, you can adjust the brightness levels to three different settings, allowing you to fine-tune the intensity of the starry sky projection according to your preference.

The Lumi Nova Night Sky Projector is designed to be user-friendly and convenient. The Bluetooth remote control provides seamless control over the projector's features from the comfort of your seat. Whether you want to switch between colors, adjust the brightness, or control the Bluetooth speaker, all the functions are just a click away.

Create your own personal oasis with the Lumi Nova Night Sky Projector. Let its LED galaxy starry sky projection and built-in Bluetooth speaker transport you to a world of tranquility and wonder. Set the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, meditation, or any moment you want to cherish. With its customizable RGB colors, adjustable brightness levels, and convenient Bluetooth remote control, the Lumi Nova allows you to craft an immersive experience that truly reflects your desired ambiance. Indulge in the magic of the night sky, right in the comfort of your own space.

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