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Counter Classic L Series - LST01-05

699 kr
SKU LST01-05
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Counter Origin Series

Counter Origin Series is a desktop secure tablet kiosk stand features classic Z-shape base.  The base is made from high-quality aluminium thus lightweight and stable.  With ideal viewing angle, it gives sleek looking, great for any shop table or tradeshow booth. We have enclosure rotary or not rotary for different user's choice.

  • Different secure enclosures choice.
  • Stable aluminium material base.
  • Classic Z base looking.
  • Enclosure rotary or fixed optional.
  • With kensington holes for additional security.
  • Home button, camera exposed or covered.
  • Mounting holes in base for permanent installation optional.
Mounting hole optional

This tablet counter stand has adhesive stickers for application on the base to secure it on a table surface. 

And mountable holes can be added optional so that the stand can be bolted to any surface in case needed.