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Jessica Simpson Fitness

Jessica Simpson Fitness

Be Inspired - Look Good - Feel Better

Jessica Simpson’s Fitness Accessories Make Exercise Fun

Have you ever struggled to get to the gym? And when you finally get off the couch, you grab some dull weights or a sad single-use water bottle and feel even less excited about working out? You’re not alone! Even Jessica Simpson - super celebrity and successful fashion mogul - has struggled to look after her health and her body. But now, with an exciting line of fitness products and accessories, she has turned her life around - and it’s easy for you to do the same! 

With Jessica Simpson fitness accessories, everyone can feel inspired and have fun working out. Attractive, trendy exercise products that are easy to mix and match in both colors and patterns add a fun, fashionable feel to any exercise regime. This collection has it all, helping customers train, track, rehydrate and recover in personal peak performance. Thoughtful and exclusive packaging designs allow inviting store planograms, well suited to be presented together as a unit or spread out across departments

Sales are currently open for Q1 and Q2 of 2022, to give customers the chance to embrace the new year in style.