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UV-C Cleaning with Wireless Charging 10W

by iWALK
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SKU ADS011-002A White
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Multi-Function Disinfection Box with Wireless Charging

Once per day to kill bacterial and virus. UV-C LED Adopts the high disinfection uvc-led. Fast Charging. Aromatherapy function. 2-in-1 Design.



Short press once to choose 5 min sterilization, blue indicator flashes ( light off means sterilization finished).

Short press twice to choose 10 mins sterilizations, green indicator flashes ( light off means sterilizations finished)

Long press to stop sterilization.( For wireless charging, just put the mobile phone with supports wireless charging function on the sterilization box cover to start wireless charging)

2. Wireless Charging

If needed to reach 10W charging, 9V/2A adapter is a must.


Product name: Capsule     SKU:ADS011  Model No: D001

Input: 5V-2A, 9V-2A  Wireless Charging:5W/7,5W/10W