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Quick-attach Wall Bracket

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Quick attach wall bracket is combined by 2pcs brackets. One is to be fixed on a wall and another is installed on the tablet enclosure. The separable design allows quick docking or removal of your tablet after mounting it onto the wall - or - protect your tablet against removal with the (2) simple locking screws at the bottom.

Select between Acrylic or Metal case Enclosure, Open Frame slim Enclosure or Full Covered Slim Enclosure

Seperate design

Separate mount design easy to install and remove. One bracket on the wall and one on the enclosure and slide the enclosure bracket into the slot of the wall bracket when install.

Secure locking screws

The bracket can be locked by 2 bottom screws and the enclosure is not removable when added the locking screws. For tablet removal simply unscrew these 2 secure screws on the bottom. 

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