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ProVibe Massagegun

899 kr
SKU WA2350
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The ProVibe is a practical handheld massager that can relieve the body’s soreness through deep and powerful muscle massage with interchangeable heads and adjustable speed.

4 Ergonomic Massage Heads

It includes four ergonomic massage heads that cater to every muscle group that targets a muscle area or the general body muscle for a precise, comfortable and effective massage experience.

Discreet and Simple

User-friendly and straightforward to use. The design interface and buttons are not complicated. A noise-free mechanism for maximum relaxation.

LED at the bottom is an indicator of the battery status.

Portable and Lightweight

Compact and lightweight design built for portability and convenience. It’s very own protective case is included in the package. Very ideal for on-the-go lifestyle such as long travels, athletic or for physical therapy.

Adjustable Speed

Massage head adjusts angles from 0-45-90 degrees makes it convenient for maximum body massage coverage. Percussion power can be adjusted.
It also has a 6-setting adjustable speed up to a maximum of 3,600 RPM for desired intensity.

The ProVibe restores the body tissue, promotes muscle repair, and enhances the blood flow with 6-speed adjustments. It includes four ergonomic interchangeable massage heads that cater to every muscle group for a comfortable and effective massage experience.


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