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MyScreen CUT&USE Plotter 13” / Accessories and software starter package

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MyScreen CUT&USE Plotter 13” / Accessories and software starter package

 MyScreen PROTECTOR plotter is an 13 inch plotter suitable to cut Mobile screen and body protectors – so called mobile skins from different types of protective materials including: 3D Expert,  antiCRASH, 3D Expert matt, ClearCarbon.

The package includes 160 sheets of protective films (€ 1090,-) and a FREE plotter and FREE software license.

Expected delivery time: 3 – 5 working days.

SKU: SC&UEx13P+T200

MyScreen CUT&USE delivers high-quality screen protectors – so called mobile skins – easily cut by a plotter to fit any type of phone, tablet, computer, smartwatch and even cameras, with a catalogue of 7000+ different devices. Not only does CUT&USE provide the highest level of protection for the phone but it also perfectly reflects the shape of the screen and the edges, thus keeping the phone light and easy to manoeuvre. The CUT&USE plotter comes with different protective materials and includes installation instructions.

We offer a start-up set composed of the plotter, software, licence, and the protective films. You get the plotter, the software and licence for FREE! You only have to pay for the set of the protective films.  

The start up offer ranges from BASIC ( Plotter 11″ and AppTool with 200 films set for dry application) to EXPERT (Plotter 13″ +Tablet and AppTool with 160 films set for wet and dry application).

– A compact cutting plotter with a control panel and direct access to the database of protected devices.

– Universal size protective materials of various aesthetics and functional properties.

– Two installation options : Dry and Wet.

– Maximum coverage of the device surface.

– Precise representation of the outline.