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On Air - Halo Stick PRO

449 kr
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ON AIR Halo Stick Pro 5" Ring Light with Extendable (5.5’) Tripod, 3 Light Modes, USB Power, and Bluetooth Shutter Remote for Streaming, Vlogs, and Selifes Compatible with Both iPhones and Android Phones

The On Air HaloStick PRO takes your selfies, vlogs, and streams to the next level. Ultra-compact and extendable up to 5.5 ft., the HaloStick features a detachable tripod base so you can set it up anywhere. The ring light (with three distinct color modes) and mirror enhance your visual compositions while the Bluetooth shutter allows you capture flawlessly sharp pictures and videos from a distance.

  • ULTRA-COMPACT & STURDY: HaloStick PRO folds up to 9 ½” and is extendable up to 5.5’ with a no-slip rubberized handle. The tripod base is detachable, collapsible, and weighted for increased stability.
  • BROADCAST COLLABORATOR: Great for podcasting, studio recording, video conferencing, online gaming, vlogging and more!
  • SHOOT YOUR SHOT: The HaloStick PRO has a 360 degree adjustable phone mount and locking turn knob so you can find the best shooting angles and broader vantage points.
  • LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING: The HaloStick PRO’s foldable ring light has 3 color lighting modes (white, natural, and warm) for perfect illumination in any setting.
  • REMOTE SHOOT: The pocket-size Bluetooth shutter remote (for both iPhones and Android phones) allows you to take selfies and/or group photos from a distance.
  • CHARGING: The HaloStick PRO is USB rechargeable – it comes with a micro USB charging cable.
  • UNIVERSAL: All size phones will fit in the HaloStick PRO’s mount.