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Fitness Jump Rope

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Tired of the same old cardio routine of running or walking on a treadmill or jumping on an elliptical? The Jessica Simpson 10' Fitness Jump Rope is a great alternative to give yourself a great cardio workout.  The  Jessica Simpson 10" Fitness Jump Rope is the ideal jump rope for all experience levels and is a great option as an entry level jump rope for anyone wanting to get into Jump Rope as a form of cardio.  The Jessica Simpson 10' Fitness Jump Rope is 10' in length making it perfect for jumpers of any height.  The Jessica Simpson 10'Fitness Jump Rope also is designed with non-slip grip handles that and lightweight and fit comfortably in your hand.  Jumping Rope helps tone your muscles and helps create definition.  Use the Jessica Simpson 10' Fitness Jump Rope for just 15 minutes a day to give yourself a full body workout.  

  • ADJUSTABLE JUMP ROPE FOR EVERY HEIGHT: When you've got 10 feet to work with, you've got a speed rope that any guy or gal of any height can use
  • WANT TO GET SHREDDED? Jump rope exercise is the quickest, most effective way to add High Intensity Interval Training to your workout
  • A PLEASURE TO USE: It's just the right weight to keep a good tempo, and it doesn't kink or tangle. Foam handles ensure a secure grip. Beginners to boxers - enjoy the tools the pros use
  • ARMS, LEGS AND LUNGS: They all get a workout during a jumping rope session. Your whole body will benefit from this single workout!
  • MAKE LIKE A KID AND GO SKIPPING ROPE: Fitness can be seriously fun -- just check out some of the amazing jump rope teams online!