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Aura LED Tap Light

by Tzumi
149 kr
SKU 6057
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auraLED Tap Light

Transform any setting with the auraLED Tap Mood Light by tzumi. This small touch-activated puck-shaped light adds a bright pop of color, immediately brightening dark spaces and creating a unique ambiance. Perfect for parties, bedsides and any other space, the auraLED Tap Mood Light is battery operated for minimal power consumption and its easy-to-use design makes it ideal for all ages. No matter what space you’re looking to illuminate, this lightweight handheld light can come anywhere with you to brighten the room.

  •  3 Color Options: Pink, Blue & Green
  • Powered by 9 Energy Efficient LEDs
  • Battery Operated for Low Power Consumption
  • Touch-Activated – No Buttons
  • Instantly Brightens any Dark Space While Adding Ambiance & A Pop of Color