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3D Nightlamp Hockey

299 kr
SKU WA2292
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3D Hologram Effect

Intricate 2D Designs embedded on a flat acrylic
plate that comes to life when lit by lighted base.

Multi-Colored Lights

Enjoy 7 touch-sensor vibrant colors of the
3D Night Lamp and 16 remote-controlled colors
that can be set to static, dynamic color cycle
or color strobe light effects. The lights are fully
adjustable and dimmable.

Touch-Trigger Light Base

The 3D night lamp base is also lighted and
is touch-triggered, allowing an effortless
change of color settings. It’s textured light base
adds more style and accent to your liking.

Remote Controlled

Adjust the brightness for a convenient change
of color and mood for a more comfortable sleep.
the remote control makes it easier to change
the light setting even from a short distance to
enhance the accent lighting or simply change
the light to fit your mood.

Wired or Wireless Power Source