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449 kr
SKU BH18736
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This large kitchen playset can be used either as a complete kitchen set for children, a portable kit or even as a carry-on playset for endless fun and entertainment at home and away from it!
The playset itself will teach your child everything about cooking and how to operate each utensil.
This kitchen set includes everything you need to grab any child’s attention for long periods of time. From the colourful and detailed pots and pans, all the way to the awesome storage box and carry-on mechanism, this is an extensive playset that will mesmerize your child and keep them excited whether they’re playing alone or during a play-date!

This Kitchen set is as educational as it can be, as it will teach your child how to develop various skills at a young age. From discovering different kinds of food’s to understanding the concepts of kitchen safety, this is a playset that shouldn’t be missing from your child’s collection

Prevent your house from turning into a chaotic mess of scattered toys by enabling them to stay organized by placing everything in the storage box when they finish.
• Fun, entertaining and educational
• Made from high-quality ABS plastic that is BPA free
• Can keep any child engaged for long periods of time
• Portable and tidy – just pack everything up in the storage to-go box