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What is unique with MyscreenPROTECTOR?

MyScreenPROTECTOR products are developed and manufactured in Poland with their own manufacturing and application technologies.
The unique technology of precision laser cutting allows for a detailed transfer of the shape of the screen to the film and other materials, including all cut-outs and openings.

The widest selection of products and model variants on the market.

CNC manufacturing technology ensures a perfect match to the screen/surface.

Precise and quick technology of laser cutting that guarantees to provide orders without MOQ

From materials, through the technology of laser cutting of very detailed templates, to the application and distribution systems

Protection against scratches, damage, fingerprints, bacteria, dust, reflections, harmful influence of blue light, access to data being displayed in the screen from the perspective of third persons

Simple application without air bubbles. Protection that is easy to remove and leaves no marks on the screen.

* Prices below are MSRP incl VAT. Retail Price depends on Volume. Orders will be drop-shipped directly to your Warehouse/Retail address. Terms DDP or FOB China.