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Once upon a time, I was a parent of two wonderful small children. They were and are the love of my life. My days were filled with, parenting, working, gardening, laundry, cooking and all the stuff that most parents are doing every day. I remember the feeling of joyfulness to meet there little playful eyes, loving and laughing a lot. ( Yes, I also remember there fighting and screaming)

I have always been a hard-working mum.  I have had the opportunity for the last 30 years to representing great brands in different regions and countries. Selling into retail, products I love and respect myself.

In one of my trips last year I meet with a company named Code Red in New York. To see their playfulness when describing their awesome product-line with Scooters, Splashbuddies, Toys Chief and Ferrari Brand, made me feel very good. And something was awakening in me.

I'll just have left my work, as an employee, representing selected brands globally, to start as a distributor to bigger retail chains in Scandinavia and UK.

This Brand with the unique Scooters and "Splashbuddies" just hit me with the happy feeling it is to play with children. Nowadays I have grandchildren of my own, and there is much more time to play and do crazy little things with them. 

So that is why I am proud to introduce a couple of new brands with some awesome products for you to sell online or in your retail stores.

We ship directly to your store/warehouse from China. Making everything we can to give you good margins together with the best support, with high respect to your business.

 "And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling"

Annbritt Lindberg

Owner & Founder of W.A.S.A Fashion - Accessories - Electronics